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Adeia Renews Lcence Agreement with Samsung

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Adeia has announced that Samsung Electronics has entered into a long-term agreement at the end of last year, renewing its licence to Adeia’s media intellectual property (IP) portfolio for Samsung’s Smart TVs and related offerings.

“This long-term renewal is a perfect illustration of how innovations emerging from Adeia support global industry players in the rapidly growing connected TV services market. It also demonstrates the strength of our current IP portfolio, which is constantly augmented through continuous innovation and development,” said Paul E. Davis, chief executive officer of Adeia.

“These market forces have created opportunities for CTV manufacturers to generate new ongoing revenue streams from their devices after consumers purchase their products. It represents a major change in the competitive dynamics of the consumer electronics industry and is a significant opportunity for Adeia as we continue to innovate to address this evolving market,” said Davis.

As an innovation incubator, Adeia has spent decades investing in advanced research and development to create market-leading technologies for the media and entertainment industry. Adeia’s innovative solutions touch practically every aspect of consumers’ day-to-day interaction with their entertainment, enabling Adeia’s customers to build customized, next-generation digital entertainment solutions for users around the globe.

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