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Chinese Brands Shine the World

Post Time:2023-05-22 Source:China Intelectual Property News Author:Wu Ke Views:

"Chinese brands for the world." China Brand Day arrived on May 10, marked by the opening of the Exposition on China Brand 2023. The exposition brought together over 900 local branded enterprises and 38 central enterprises offline, as well as over 1,900 outstanding enterprises online. From "Made in China" to "Created in China", from Chinese products to Chinese brands, intellectual property (IP) has become a key factor for Chinese enterprises to enhance their brand influence and competitiveness at the new development stage, constantly elevating Chinese brands to a new level in terms of reputation and popularity.

Valuing innovation and enhancing development confidence

Words like "independent R&D" and "original" were frequently mentioned by interviewees at the exposition. "The 1:10 model of China's space station" was must-see of the offline session of China Brand Day 2023. The construction of China's space station is a vivid reflection of sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening. China Railway Construction Corporation's (CRCC) shield-themed pavilion presented the full-size model of "Smart Shield Control Center", showing the company has breached technological  bottlenecks to overtake competitors in the curve in engineering design, construction and equipment manufacturing.

DFH-LF2204 tractor, a powerful autonomous tractor independently developed by China, features the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System that provides intelligent features such as accurate positioning and control, automatic path planning and tracking, and free switch between driving modes, to enable precise plowing, sowing and fertilizing. With a homemade powershift transmission chassis, the tractor is 20% more efficient that manpower.

Suzhou Raycan Technology company won the 22nd China Patent Gold Award in 2021 and the First WIPO Global Award in 2022 for its innovation in positron emission tomography (PET). The company will not stop launching products with self-reliant IPRs, realize the sound development of technologies, products and brands, and strive to be a globally competitive national brand.

Fostering brands to empower rural revitalization

Amid rural revitalization, a large number of distinctive brands have grown strong and played a vital role. Beichuan Yuzhen Industry company was founded by Wang Huaqi, a successor to the intangible cultural heritage item - Beichuan cured pork belly. Since  2017, Wang has taken over a poverty-ending project relying on new breeds of "Sichuan-Tibet Black Pig". With the implementation of an industrial model of "company + cooperative + base + farmer" that loans pigs or even gives them out for free, six villages inside or outside the country have been lifted out of poverty, thanks to over 12.8 million yuan in incomes.

In recent years, Fuping has kept advancing the work concerning geographical indication(GI) for Fuping dried persimmon, formulating Shaanxi's provincial standards, brand development plan and trademark use management rules for Fuping dried persimmon. In 2020, Fuping dried persimmon was included in the second list under the EU-China GI protection and cooperation agreement. In 2021, Fuping dried persimmon was valued 5.159 billion yuan. With a growing area of 360,000 mu, Fuping dried persimmon has generated an annual output value of 2.6 billion yuan and created 130,000 jobs, becoming a leading industry in rural revitalization of the local villages.

Xinhui Chenpi (dried tangerine peel), unique in brand culture and value, is also a well-known GI product in China. "Over the past decade, we have incubated nearly 300 Chenpi growers and created nearly 5,000 jobs," said a head of Jiangmen Xinhui Chenpicun Market company "Now we are building 'Chenpicun  Wucunzhang' brand, because only with a brand can  we further promote the high-quality development of the industry."

In the transition from Chinese products to Chinese brands, innovators are bound to unleash more anticipated vitality.