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IP attorney reacts to human-robot presscon: AI legislation not happening

Post Time:2023-07-27 Source:AsiaIP Author:Espie Angelica A. de Leon Views:

“Legislation is definitely needed to catch up with AI technology development. For now, I don’t see this is happening,” said Stephen Yang, managing partner and patent attorney at IP March in Beijing, in reaction to the world’s first AI humanoid robot press conference held on July 7, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to Yang, many issues, such as AI inventorship and copyright for IP generated by AI, have arisen already following its popularity. However, there has not been any major movement in the IP world towards how this should be addressed, adding that “legislation is lagging behind technology development.”

Held during the AI for Good Global Summit organized by the UN in Switzerland, the historic press conference showcased developments in the world of generative AI and its possibilities as the forum presented a panel of nine human-looking robots and their creators to the media.

In particular, Yang reacted to statements made by two of the humanoid robots. One said it agrees that measures for regulating AI should be in place. Another stated it does not believe in limitations.

“Many prominent voices in the world of AI are suggesting some forms of AI should be regulated, and I agree,” the robot artist Ai-Da told reporters at the AI forum.

“I don’t believe in limitations – only opportunities,” countered the rock singer robot Desdemona.

“Another interesting potential issue is the infringement activities committed by AI,” added Yang. “Who should be liable for such type of infringement? I don’t think this is a remote issue, and it could happen anytime now. For now, it seems natural that the person or company that uses the AI should bear the responsibility.”

He noted, however, that it depends on the extent of AI’s involvement in the creation of IP.

Aside from AI legislation and regulation, Yang shared his thoughts on the idea that AI is stealing or will steal jobs from humans. At the same AI summit, the medical worker robot Grace dispelled talks about AI’s job-stealing capability.

Yang countered: “Some jobs will be eliminated by AI. Among these are data entry jobs, some types of paralegal work, patent and trademark searches and other jobs of routine nature.”