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Facebook Copyright Scam Intensifies

Post Time:2023-10-16 Source:cybernews.com Author:Justinas Vainilavičius Views:

The scam targets Facebook users by sending them fake copyright infringement notices and stealing their credentials. Cybernews first reported on the story, described by Avanan, in January.

While it’s been making the rounds for most of 2023, the scam seems to have grown in scale in recent weeks. Numerous users have reported that they’ve fallen victim to it, losing access to their accounts and receiving little help from Facebook in reinstating them.

Victims reported their accounts being renamed to “Meta Copyright Infringement” and sometimes disabled. Some said that they’d experienced credit card fraud, suffered damages over suspended business accounts, or lost pictures posted over the years as a result.

Others recounted how their hacked accounts were used to share explicit or violent content, with one user saying a picture of two men carrying AK-47 guns was posted on their behalf “written in a language I do not understand.”

Users also complained that they struggled with the appeal process, expressing frustration over the lack of communication from Facebook.

“I've had this account for 16 years and it’s linked to all my business accounts and I cannot use anything. When putting in an appeal using the form it immediately says I cannot review,” one user said in a comment posted to Cybernews.

Another said: “I have deceased family members and thousands of photos and memories I don’t want to lose…Emailed countless Facebook support emails and I haven’t heard anything back! Very frustrating.”

Meta did not respond to repeated requests for comment.