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Ford Explores New Territory With Patent Application For Roof-Integrated EV Backup Battery

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Ford has now registered for an unusual patent for a backup battery pack that can travel on the vehicle's top, as first reported by Electrek. 

This patent appears to be a fresh approach to addressing the range anxiety and charging worries that people frequently associate with EVs, particularly on long trips. 

The patent application suggests that these battery packs be "rented or leased prior to an off-roading trip, for example."

The patent describes a technique for providing extra power and range to EVs when the primary battery is exhausted. It's a modular system designed to be compatible with many EV models and, according to the description, is simple to maintain and upgrade. The units are stacked to maximise capacity.

Aside from the fact that a roof-mounted battery pack is situated on top of the vehicle in these designs, the vehicle used resembles the Ford Bronco. We're wondering if this is a clue that an electric version of Ford's best-selling Bronco is on the way. 


Many questions arise


How does Ford intend to reinforce the roof to withstand the weight? A rack cannot accomplish it on its own. And how does the battery get there (and back)? The weight of EV battery packs can reach hundreds of pounds. 

The patent application specifies that the battery is removable, leading us to suspect that this roof-mounted pack will lack the capacity of the massive packs used by automakers to power their EVs. 

It becomes clear that this invention will not become a reality in the foreseeable future. It must be a placeholder for the moment in future when Ford has the perfect electric off-road vehicle to utilise it with—and, more importantly, when battery technology has improved to the point where weight is no longer a concern.