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Disney Files Patent for Conversation Bot With Startling Implications

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Amid the trend of AI, Disney filed a patent application for an artificial conversation technology. The implications are staggering.

Disney Patents Pending Approval: AI Chat and Adaptation

The Walt Disney Company filed a patent application entitled, “Systems and Methods for Maintaining a Conversation.” Going lovingly as Disney patent pending number 20210273893, it has broad applications.

Its title doesn’t quite do the patent’s purpose justice, given the breadth of abilities it would allow Disney to exclusively control. It’s not the first time Walt Disney Imagineering was ahead of the curve. From drones to various waterworks, Disney enterprises lead the game in the patent office (and have for quite some time).

There is a long and tedious process to obtain an actual patent. It’s also happens to be an expensive one; thankfully the Walt Disney Company can foot the bill and continue to innovate. It’s most recent application involves Walt Disney Studio interacting with a virtual world simulator through an “interactive communications system.”

The goal of the patent document is to use the interactive communications system to generate content in a conversational setting. It could be applied in a range of different contexts, but one is the intersection of physical space and the Disney metaverse.

Interactive technology as an example of Disney patent applications Universal Orlando Resort is unveiling a cutting-edge – and terrifying – interactive experience that will blend custom virtual reality technology with real-life characters and environments to create a whole new generation of psychological horror.The twisted minds behind Universal Orlando’s award-winning Halloween Horror Nights have combined forces with Universal Creative, the creators of award-winning theme park attractions, to produce a next-level, immersive theater experience that seamlessly bridges live action and virtual reality (VR). “The Repository” is an exclusive, limited-time attraction with an entirely unique storyline that will pave the way for even more brand new, best-in-class experiences across Universal Orlando Resort. Throughout this extended, heart-pounding adventure, guests will explore highly thematic physical environments and interact with real-life characters – all while working in small teams to solve a dark mystery unfolding before them. Universal Orlando is working with VRstudios (VRcade), a Bellevue, Washington company specializing in unique VR experiences. The company designed a first-of-its-kind VR platform to be used inside the experience.

Disney Patent Could Change Entire Theme Park Experience

This patent would support the already augmented reality in creating an actual character experience, complete with “relevant topics of discussion.” It could effectively overhaul everywhere from the Magic Kingdom to Walt Disney World Resorts across the globe.

A unique aspect of this patent application, created by wonderful Walt Disney Imagineers, is that it saves time (arguably the most valuable asset in any Disney vacation). The device puts an end to the conversation in a prudent manner, avoiding the “unwanted end” and ensuring there is a control over the potential for targeted advertising or other relevant features.

Disney Patents: Artificial Intelligence, 3D Image Tech, and Attraction Machinery

It might be a small world, but the patent office is a deep well, replete with Disney patents that range from artificial intelligence to drones to attraction technology. The interesting part of this application is its generative technology.

Linguistic programming primes any virtual world simulator to perform highly effective targeted advertising. If Disney succeeds in obtaining the rights to this type of conversational upkeep tech, its implications extend far beyond the theme park. Whether the Walt Disney Company succeeds in turning this patent pending into full copyright is yet to be seen.