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Funny trademark: ‘Dadbod’ applications filed in US

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Although many men will be preparing to shed their slightly squishy ‘dadbod’ for this summer, two US-based applicants want to firmly embrace the idea and have filed trademarks for the phrase.

Fashion company DT Fashion and California resident Juan Cardenas have both stayed proactive by filing applications for ‘Dadbod’ at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Referring in part to the additional layers of fat around the abdomen, which for some men are all too commonplace in later life, ‘dadbod’ is a phrase frequently used on social media and news publications.

The term generally refers to a man’s body that is neither good nor bad—maybe the result of equal amounts of beer drinking and bench pressing.

In perhaps an apt move, Cardenas filed his application on May 29 to cover beer products. DT Fashion, meanwhile, applied for the phrase on June 4 to cover clothes, t-shirts and other apparel, maybe even in a bid to encourage men to cover up their ‘dadbod’ physiques.

Neither of the applicants had responded to a request for comment at the time of publication
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