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Service Scope

Providing legal services in copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, unfair competition, network intellectual property, e-commerce, proprietary technology, layout-design of integrated circuits, computer software, new varieties of plant, license trade, franchise business, high technology and other high quality IP services, which involve various areas as information technology, telecommunication, network, biology, biological medicine, material, electronics, software, multimedia, manufacturing, culture and entertainment and so on. 

Cooperating closely with notable trademark and patent agencies to assist Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises in going through procedures for trademark registration, patent application, software registration, domain name registration and other matters concerning IP custom protection; 
Providing such legal services as international IP protection, international technology assignment, technology service, matters concerning international trademark license and other relevant matters.

  • 1 Representing plaintiff or defendant to participate in actions concerning patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets and unfair competition disputes, which include ownership cases, tort cases, licensing contract cases and administrative actions. Dealing with not only traditional IP cases but also new types of IP cases as software, network, integrated circuit, semiconductor chip, plant and animal varieties, new medicine, well-known trademark, geographic marking, origin of products, folk literature and arts products, trade secretes and so on; 

    2  Representing clients to bring an action, response to an action, file a counter-claim, appear in court, settle the case and appeal to a higher court; 

    3 Serving as agent ad litem in arbitration cases settling disputes arising from IP contracts.

  • 1  Making IP strategy and designing IP protection plans for clients;
    2  Drafting IP rules and regulations;
    3  Preparing sample IP contracts; 
    4  Providing all-round IP dispute resolution plans, which stretch from such strategies as patent strategy, trademark strategy, and franchise business strategy to plans as IP indexing, IP application, IP alerting, IP defending, IP protection and IP execution;
    5  Providing consultant services relating to the procurement, protection, management and utilization of IP.

  • 1  Drafting, reviewing and modifying various IP contracts, including but not limited to development contract, transfer contract, licensing contract, franchise business contract, e-commerce contract, import and export contract, consultation service contract, and non-disclosure agreement; 
    2  Providing legal advices on transaction and treatment of IP in the process of technology importation, venture capital financing, enterprise restructuring, capital merger, and enterprise reorganization.

  • Representing clients to go through procedures for assessment of IP under one of the following circumstances:
    1  Assigning IP or licensing IP during the process of transaction;
    2  Either party or both parties take IP as capital contribution in the merger or establishment of enterprise; 
    3  Bankruptcy or liquidation of enterprise; 4 Holding IP in pledge; and 5 Claim for damages arising from infringement of economic rights in tort actions.

  • 1  Investigating infringing party and his or her finance and assets;
    2  Investigating facts of infringement and illegal income and procuring legal evidences;
    3  Providing legal advice and contrastive analysis of infringement for clients;
    4  Sending warning letter, attorney opinion letter or attorney’s statement to the wrongdoer;
    5  Participating in mediation before proceedings; and 6 Applying for injunction, preservation of evidence or preservation of property.

  • Providing legal services in IP custom protection concerning trademark, patent, copyright, Olympic symbol and exclusive rights and other relevant rights:
    1  Going through procedures for IP registration and record with China’s customs;
    2  Applying for IP custom protection to China’s customs; and 3 Requesting China’s customs to confiscate infringing goods.

  • 1  Inquiring patent documents for the clients when: 
    (1) Enterprises need a comprehensive assessment on patent royalty when introducing equipment; 
    (2) Enterprises need to inquire whether same product has acquired patent right in exporting country (or region) before exporting their goods; 
    (3) Enterprises intend to analyze the pulse of their competitors and the developing tendency of certain technology, study patent countermeasures and make developing plans in working out development goals and business decisions so that they may lessen mistakes; 
    (4) Enterprises need to search patent documents when they develop and manufacture new products;
    (5) Patent documents needed to be used for watching domestic patent application, searching legal situation and claims of patent in respect of tortuous activities and protecting legal rights and interests of enterprises;
    (6) Other patent documents need inquiring. 
    2  Application for Patent 
    (1) Searching and analyzing information relating to patent before application; 
    (2) Writing statement and paten claim; 
    (3) Domestic and international application procedures.
    3  Maintenance of Patent 
    (1) Changes of particulars of patent; 
    (2) Payment of annual fee. 4  Review of Patent
    (1) Initiating a review procedure of patent; 
    (2) Modifying the application documents. 
    5  Application for invalidation of Patent 
    (1) Initiating a procedure for invalidating patent;
    (2) Modifying right claims; 
    (3) Applying for hearing the cases.
    6  Administrative Review of Patent
    (1) Initiating a procedure for administrative review; 
    (2) Unwritten opinion. 
    7  Patent Action
    (1) Administrative action;
    (2) Tort action; 
    (3) Applying for discontinuation of tortuous conduct before action.
    8  Licensing, Pledge and Assignment of Patent
    (1) Drafting and reviewing contracts; 
    (2) Record of contracts. 
    9  Assessing Patent from following aspects: 
    (1) Studying “right claim” in the Patent Statement;
    (2) Studying the application of patent market and the maximum and minimum profits to be brought by patent to patentee; 
    (3) Getting to know the possibility and the time of the appearance of more advanced alternative technology or product; 
    (4) Getting to know the percentage to be deducted from the use of patent technology;
    (5) Others. 
    10  Other Patent Affairs 
    (1) Patent programming in enterprises;
    (2) Patent training program; 
    (3) Others.

  • 1  Trademark Design and Trademark Application
    (1) Trademark search;
    (2) Applying for trademark registration;
    (3) Providing priority certificate;
    (4) Collective trademark registration;
    (5) Certificate trademark registration; 
    (6) Trademark opposition;
    (7) Trademark renewal;
    (8) Trademark assignment; 
    (9) Changing registrant’s name;
    (10) Changing registrant’ address;
    (11) Record for trademark licensing;
    (12) Handling certificate of trademark registration;
    (13) Applying for reissuing trademark registration certificate;
    (14) Revoking trademark which has been stopped for use for over 3 years; 
    (15) Review of refused trademark; 
    (16) Review of trademark opposition; 
    (17) Review of trademark cancellation; 
    (18) Trademark dispute; 
    (19) Withdrawal of application for trademark registration, opposition and trademark review and adjudication; 
    (20) Identification of Well-known Trademark;
    (21) Registration of special marking; 
    (22) Registration of trademark pledge;
    (23) Application for deferred trademark review and adjudication; 
    (24) Trademark cancellation;
    (25) Trademark record at customs; 
    (26) International registration of trademark. 
    2  Trademark Watch 
    (1) Trademark watch throughout the year; 
    (2) Special trademark watch.
    3  Trademark investigation
    (1) Investigation on trademark infringement throughout the year; 
    (2) Investigation on special trademark infringement cases; 
    (3) Investigation on the utilization of trademark. 
    4  Trademark Infringement Settlement
    (1) Administrative Complaints on trademark infringement;
    (2) trademark infringement action; 
    (3) Trademark infringement negotiation. 
    5  Trademark Administrative Action on Following Cases:
    (1) Review of trademark rejection; 
    (2) Review of trademark opposition; 
    (3) Review of trademark cancellation;
    (4) Trademark dispute cases;
    (5) Trademark tort cases. 
    6  Trademark Consultation 
    (1) Consultation on trademark affairs; 
    (2) Legal opinion on trademark; 
    (3) Drafting, reviewing and modifying trademark contract;
    (4) Planning trademark protection strategy. 
    7  Assessment of Trademark with Following Methods: 
    (1) Residual method; 
    (2) Excess income method;
    (3) Other methods. 
    8  Providing legal service for such businesses concerning trademark (trade name) as horizontal economic combination, franchise business, chain business, asset divestiture and asset restructuring and so on.

  • 1  Ownership of Copyright
    (1) Representing clients to go through procedures for copyright registration of their works;
    (2) Investigating the ownership of copyright;
    (3) Designing the ownership of copyright; representing clients to design and arrange the ownership of derivative works, works of joint authorship, collective works, works for hire, commissioned works, movie works and other works produced with methods similar to film shooting;
    (4) Decision on ownership of copyright. 
    2  Transfer of Copyright
    (1) Handling matters concerning succession of copyright; 
    (2) Handling legal affairs relating to copyright licensing; 
    (3) Handling legal affairs concerning to copyright transfer. 
    3  Legal Affairs Concerning Press Books and Newspaper and Periodical Publication. 
    4  Legal Affairs Concerning Performance.
    5  Legal Affairs Concerning Record and Video. 
    6  Legal Affairs Concerning Movie and TV programs.
    7  Legal Affairs Concerning Rights to Organize Broadcast Programs.
    8  Legal Affairs Concerning Copyright Business.
    9  Assessment of Copyright. 
    10  Serving as Agent by Mandate in the Following Copyright Disputes. 
    (1) Disputes on personal right of an author; 
    (2) Disputes on property right of works; 
    (3) Disputes on neighboring right of copyright; 
    (4) Disputes on commissioned works;
    (5) Disputes on works of joint authorship;
    (6) Disputes on copyright licensing contracts;
    (7) Disputes on copyright transfer contracts; 
    (8) Disputes on copyright of network works.

  • 1  Applying for copyright registration of computer software; 
    2  Reviewing patent application documents of computer software;
    3  Providing contractual protection and protection of trade secrets (proprietary technology) for computer software; 
    4  Providing trademark protection for computer software; 
    5  Providing legal protection on anti-unfair competition for computer software;
    6  Drafting or reviewing development contracts, service contracts, consultation contracts, transfer contracts of computer software; 
    7  Drafting or reviewing technical cooperation contracts and licensing contracts of computer software; 
    8  Serving as agent by mandate in cases concerning computer software copyright and tort disputes; 
    9  Serving as agent by mandate in cases concerning computer software development contract disputes; 
    10  Serving as agent by mandate in cases concerning computer software licensing contract disputes; 
    11  Serving as agent by mandate in cases concerning computer software transfer contract disputes; 
    12  Selecting appropriate protection methods against computer software tort and providing legal service throughout; 
    13  Providing legal service for the anti-tort charges in the field of computer of software.

  • Serving as agent by mandate in following cases:
    1  Unfair competition cases concerning counterfeiting registered trademark; 
    2 Unfair competition cases concerning counterfeiting the names, packaging or decoration peculiar to well-known goods; 
    3  Unfair competition cases concerning false advertising; 
    4  Cases concerning trade secret protection planning and trade secret infringement; 
    5  Cases concerning restrictive competition and charging excessive fees; 
    6  Cases concerning improper premium sales;
    7  Other unfair competition cases concerning conducts against business ethics and principles of willingness, equality, fairness and good faith.

  • Providing such legal services as drafting and reviewing technical contracts, investigating breach of the contract, collecting evidence and initiating legal action in the following disputes:
    1  Disputes on commissioned technical development contract;
    2  Disputes on cooperative technical development contract;
    3  Disputes on technology import contract;
    4  Disputes on technology export contract;
    5 Disputes on technical consultation contract; 
    6  Disputes on technical service contract; 
    7  Disputes on technical training contract; 
    8  Disputes on technical intermediate contract; 
    9  Disputes on technical secret transfer contract; 
    10  Dispute on transfer contract of science and technology outcome.

  • 1  Providing legal services for telecom infrastructure programs;
    2  Providing legal services for network companies engaged in telecom value-added business; 
    3  Providing legal services for financing programs; 
    4  Providing legal services for bid and tender of telecom programs;
    5  Providing legal services for cooperation, commissioned construction, operation and maintenance of telecom infrastructure;
    6  Providing legal support and policy consultation for market entry relating to network companies to be invested by foreign investors; 
    7  Planning overseas financing and listing and providing legal knowledge tutorship;
    8  Providing legal service for IP protection of clients’ website contents under network circumstance; 
    9  Serving as agent by mandate in cases relating to right of communication through network of copyright and neighboring right of copyright; 
    10  Serving as agent by mandate in cases of database ownership planning and disputes settlement relating to network; 
    11  Serving as agent by mandate in cases of trademark affairs and disputes concerning network; 
    12  Serving as agent by mandate in cases of patent affairs and disputes concerning network;
    13  Serving as agent by mandate in cases relating to technology protection and right management;
    14  Serving as agent by mandate in cases relating to domain name registration, domain name and enterprise name; 
    15  Serving as agent by mandate in cases relating to planning of e-commerce and dispute settlement; 
    16  Other legal services concerning network copyright, database, technology protection and right management, domain name and E-commerce.

  • 1  Application for layout design registration; 
    2  Review; 
    3  Administrative reconsideration; 
    4  Administrative lawsuit; 
    5  Tort action.

  • 1  Providing legal consultant and policy information needed in franchise chain business; providing for businessmen with consultation service relating to points for attention in joining in franchise business chain enterprise;
    2  Providing parties to franchise chain enterprise with investigation services on subject capacity and credit standing when they choose chain master; 
    3  Assisting franchise chain enterprises in establishing frame of franchise chain operation system; 
    4  Drafting and modifying legal documents on franchise chain management, franchise business contract, distribution contract, trademark licensing contract, confidential agreement and other contracts;
    5  Handling various disputes arising from the implementation of contract during franchise operation and other disputes arising from trademark tort or unfair competition caused by a third party; 
    6  Handling various problems left over after the franchise operation is terminated in advance, including but not limited to collecting debts, supervising change or cancellation of chain enterprise name with letters of franchise trademark, removing trademark marking and other situations;
    7  Other legal supports, including but not limited to issuing authorization statement as legal consultant, providing effective suggestion and advice in respect to trademark and trade name protection, operation and management pattern, trade secret protection and so on.

  • 1  Representing clients to complain, assist in investigation or defense in IP administrative procedures; 
    2  Reporting an offense in IP criminal cases; serving as agent ad litem or defender in IP criminal cases;
    3  Providing legal consultation and legal advice;
    4  Providing legal advice for government in execution, modification and enforcement of IP law.