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China to expand IP as a financing tool

Post Time:2019-08-29 Source:IPPro Magazine​ Author: Views:

China's banking and intellectual property regulators have agreed to boost intellectual property as a financing tool to support the development of future opportunities.

The initiative put forward by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission is designed to encourage banks and insurers to grant greater support to the use of IP as a pledge for financing.

Commercial banks are encouraged to establish separate credit programmes and specific in-house performance appraisal and incentive mechanisms to support IP pledge financing under the premise of having risks under control.

The commission also said it would tolerate a slightly higher bad loan ratio in IP pledge financing business of commercial banks.

Solutions given by the commission involves the training of IP pledge financing specialists, the establishment of a sound in-house evaluation mechanism, making pledge registration, strengthening the dynamic management of collaterals and tightly monitoring borrowers' business operations.