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All-out Patent War between Chemical Firms with 180M Yuan at Stake

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Japan's Daicel Chemicals filed a patent infringement case against Nanjing-based Celanese Company and sought 180 million yuan in damages. Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court heard the case recently.

Daicel filed a patent application on a method to produce high purity acetic in July 1994, and was granted in June 2001. After buying the infringing product from a distributor of Celanese in Guangzhou in March 2008, Daicel brought the case to Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court on the ground of patent infringement.

According to public statistics of Nanjing Tax Bureau, as of September 2008, Celanese gained 1.86 billion yuan in sales revenue, and paid 104 million yuan in taxes. Daicel then claimed 180 million yuan payment on the ground of the fact that paid off handsomely.

The case is still pending for decision.
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