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AAA sues film studio A24 in trademark case over 'AAA24' program

Post Time:2024-03-04 Source:Reuters Author:Blake Brittain Views:

March 1 (Reuters) - The American Automobile Association (AAA) filed a lawsuit against A24 in New York federal court on Friday that accuses the movie and television studio's "AAA24" film-buff discount program of violating its trademark rights.

AAA, a nonprofit group of U.S. motor clubs, told the court, that A24 Film LLC's program would cause confusion with its own service, arguing that they offer similar membership services and benefits.

An A24 spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit. AAA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

A24, the entertainment company behind films including Academy Award winner "Everything Everywhere All at Once," began offering its "AAA24" program in 2022 with member benefits including discounts, merchandise and access to bonus content.

AAA, whose member services include roadside assistance and travel discounts, told A24 later that year that its proposed AAA24 trademark would confuse consumers, according to the lawsuit. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected A24's bid to register the trademark in 2023 based on AAA's opposition.

AAA's lawsuit said that A24 intended to associate its program with AAA. A24 advertises that buyers can become "card-carrying" AAA24 members, and AAA noted that the design company that developed AAA24's branding said it meant for the name to have an "enigmatic subversive twist."

It also said that A24 "elevated the possibility of confusion" by using AAA24 to promote a partnership with AMC Theaters, which also offers discounts on movie tickets to AAA members.

AAA asked the court to block A24's use of the AAA24 name and requested an unspecified amount of monetary damages.