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China has 708,000 trademarks registered

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In 2007, China's trademark applications amounted to 708,000, ranking first in the world for six consecutive years; meanwhile, the number of Madrid international trademark registrations submitted by China also has ranked eighth place in the world for three consecutive years.

According to the statistics released at the  East-West Enterprises Trademark Strategic Forum, with China's rapid economic development, the applications for trademark registration gain substantial growth. From 2002 to 2006, the amount of registered trademarks achieved an average annual increase of about 100,000 pieces, and in 2007 the total number reached 708,000.

According to the latest statistics from World Intellectual Property Organization, China filed 1,444 international trademark registrations, increasing by 8.7% over 2006 and ranking the eighth for three consecutive years. [Chinese version is available on Xinhua]

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