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A New Chemical Compound for Removing Heavy Metals

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The accumulation or formation of heavy metals provokes the development of a number of diseases – from viral complications to cancerous tumors. One of the foremost methods of treatment is chelation therapy. Chelation therapy allows removing ions of heavy metals from the body using a biologically active compounds or chelators.

One of these compounds is dicarboxylic acid bisamide derivative of formula (VI) which was obtained by the collective of Russian inventors consisting Vladimir Nebolsin (was awarded the EAPO - V.I. Blinnikov Gold Medal "For Promoting Invention and Patent Practice”), Tatiana Kromova and Galina Zheltukhina. They have developed a completely new way to produce a modern biologically active compound that is the dicarboxylic acid bisamide derivative of general formula (I).

This compound is an effective chelator which allows achieving good results in vivo and is protected by Eurasian patent №043024.

Chelators are used for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular, viral, oncological, neurodegenerative, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, gerontological diseases and diseases caused by toxins produced by microorganisms, as well as alcoholism, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, anemia, late porphyria, poisoning with salts of transition metals. Such a wide range of possible uses of the new compound makes it an essential and most important component of modern and safe drugs.

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