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2024年5月28日,小米波兰公司以及小米的两家经销商遭遇反垄断突袭调查,波兰竞争和消费者保护办公室(Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,UOKiK)在警方的协助下现场收集了大量证据。UOKiK负责人表示,相关信息表明小米产品(Mi、Redmi、Redmi Note、POCO等)涉嫌非法固定价格。



Xiaomi products – investigation and search

- 竞争和消费者保护办公室主席对小米设备销售中可能存在的反竞争行为发起调查。

- 此外,该办公室的工作人员在警方的协助下对三个实体的房舍进行了搜查。

- 对收集到的证据的分析正在进行中。

- The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection initiated an investigation into possible anti-competitive practices in the sale of Xiaomi equipment.

- Moreover, the Office's employees, assisted by the Police, conducted a search at the premises of three entities.

- Analysis of the collected evidence is ongoing.

“我们收到消息称,小米设备:Mi、Redmi、Redmi Note 和 POCO 的价格可能因非法协议而确定。我对此事启动了解释程序,并下令对三个实体的办公室进行搜查。竞争和消费者保护办公室主任托马斯·克罗斯特尼 (Tomasz Chróstny) 表示,我们已经收集了广泛的证据,目前正在分析这些证据。”

“We have received information that the prices of Xiaomi equipment: Mi, Redmi, Redmi Note and POCO may be determined as a result of an unlawful agreement. I initiated explanatory proceedings in this matter and ordered searches at the offices of three entities. We have collected extensive evidence, which we are currently analyzing, says Tomasz Chróstny, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.”


The search took place at the offices of Xiaomi Polska and two distributors of this company's products. The suspected agreement may involve unlawful price fixing of consumer electronics, electronics, household appliances and smart products. As a result, consumers could not buy these products cheaper than at predetermined prices.

解释程序是针对案件进行的,而不是针对特定企业家。如果收集到的材料证实了怀疑,办公室主任将启动反垄断程序并对特定实体提出指控。参与限制竞争协议可能会导致最高 10% 的罚款。企业家的营业额。负责共谋的经理可能会被处以最高 200 万兹罗提的罚款。

Explanatory proceedings are conducted in the case, not against specific entrepreneurs. If the collected material confirms the suspicions, the President of the Office will commence antitrust proceedings and bring charges against specific entities. Participation in an agreement restricting competition may result in a financial penalty of up to 10%. entrepreneur's turnover. Managers responsible for concluding the collusion may be subject to a fine of up to PLN 2 million.

宽大处理计划可以避免严厉制裁 。它为参与非法协议的企业家和负责共谋的管理者提供了减少甚至有时避免罚款的机会。如果您作为“官方证人”与竞争和消费者保护办公室主席合作,并提供有关禁止协议存在的任何证据或信息,则可以使用它。

Severe sanctions can be avoided thanks to the leniency program . It gives the entrepreneur participating in the illegal agreement and the managers responsible for the collusion a chance to reduce and sometimes avoid a fine. It can be used provided that you cooperate with the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection as a "crown witness" and provide any evidence or information regarding the existence of an prohibited agreement.